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Sasol is committed to the highest levels of Governance and Compliance.

It is crucial therefore that any purchase of materials and services comply to our minimum terms and conditions.

All low to medium risk purchases in South Africa will be subject to the following Terms and Conditions. Once a supplier accepts the Purchase Order (PO), the Sasol Terms and Conditions come into effect. Please click on the below icons for more information.



Any contractual arrangement that will involve the procurement and supply of work other than the once-off procurement of goods, materials or services, shall be subject to further terms and conditions as prescribed, negotiated and/or agreed by Sasol.

Preservation and Packaging standard for delivered materials

Sasol is committed to the highest standards of safety in all processes throughout our value chain and as a valued Sasol materials & equipment supplier, you are requested to ensure that any employees, subcontractors, agents or other third parties that you employ in your work for Sasol, act consistently with the policy requirements.

We trust that all our valued suppliers will adhere to these standards and help us to further enhance the Materials & Equipment delivery process going forward.

Please click on the icon below to familiarise yourself with the Packaging Standard for Delivered Materials.




At Sasol, SAFETY, HEALTH and ENVIRONMENT is a top priority. 

We care about my own safety and that of every colleague and person we work with.  We take a stand, speak up and own issues related to safety, health and environment.

As part of our commitment to Zero Harm we have developed Life Saving Rules, with associated behaviours, to prevent serious injuries and fatalities. These life saving rules are intended to create a safe working environment for everyone. It is important to note that these are not new safety requirements but an elevated focus on already existing requirements that we are all obligated to comply with. 

Please ensure that you familiarize yourselves with the Sasol Life Saving Rules works instruction.